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A Quirky/One of a Kind, Rustic-chic, romantic hideaway featuring a charming,  historic “Cowboy Kitchen” & lovely “Mixologist Bar” (& patio)

Our Setting?

Unbeatably relaxing - overlooking beautiful woods with views of friendly, roaming animals.

We are Uniquely Guest—Centric,

Focusing on a lovely eating experience for all – Customizable from laid-back home-style to European flourish; from kid & pet friendly family style, to private, unforgettably romantic, candle-lit dinners, under the stars.


How many places can you go, where both owners are celebrated chefs each with their own style, personally oversee every detail of your meal and even help serve you?

Vicky & Mickey leverage 70+ years combined world-wide cuisine & a Cordon Bleu Chef’s experience to offer you a virtually limitless, totally customized and utterly delicious menu.

Even the best chefs always have something to learn

Believing that any true “culinary professional” must be constantly striving to learn more, we are never content to cook the same dishes over & over again. Instead, we stay curious about new developments in the culinary world, unusual flavor combinations and the most delicious ingredients to be tried..

We cook it… just right for YOU!

We think the mark of a truly great chef is the ability to adjust the cooking to meet the health needs and taste buds of each and every diner. SO we are always ready to adjust our style/spice level/recopies to YOUR preferences, and even design from scratch to not only be the best danged steak-house but also low carb, low sugar, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, sea-food lovers, breakfast lovers, dessert-lovers, etc. – Just tell us and try us out!


One simple principle “Treat others the way you would like to be treated” is what we think being A Great Server is all about!  
SO we go beyond getting your food “just right” and making sure the drink glasses are always full.
We apply a warm, personal touch to ensuring all our Guests feel special, are happy and your dining experiences with us are very happy moments 



– This is the only place you don’t ask “what do you have” – It’s “What would you like?

Whatever you desire, we can make it happen! From laid back, relaxing casual family and fun times, all the way to the most elegantly laid out dinners rivalling the best restaurants in the world, just give us a call and we can plan your ideal meal experiences (All “a la carte”, of course)

Our foundation is the highest quality ingredients, organic, non-GMO and everything possible is fresh from the farm!

Vicky & Mickey personally source & select all the of ingredients, with special emphasis on local farms & ranches, preparation & the cooking,personally overseeing all activity & food preparation with any staff that assists us in the kitchen, totally “hands on” for every single touch of seasoning,delivering a great taste– and Best of All – Tailored to YOU & YOUR LOVED ONES

Start With A “surprise Welcome” For Your Loved One(s) – From 1 To 100!

Such as chilled champagne, his favorite scotch or her favorite wine, &/or a lovely bouquet of flowers by the bed (roses – or which are her favorite flowers?) And how about chocolate covered strawberries, warm fudge, or a hand-crafter fruity surprise? Maybe add a personal “Happy Hour” such as an authentic Mexican Fiesta or Italian Benvenuti ? We can have everything waiting, including a hand-written note from you!

Then How About A Relaxing Dinner To Get Settled In?

A Unique Dining Experiences are what we are famous for:
Eating in an Authentic Cowboy Kitchen?
Or a Romantic /Magical Dinner In The Woods & Under The Stars ?
We gotcha covered for a great dining experience!

Our private wine cellar is well stocked with a variety of reasonably priced, great wines (90+ rating), Proseccos & Champagnes Just ask and Mickey, our Sommelier, will be pleased to provide great pairing suggestions based on what you like – Or you can bring your own and we will be pleased to serve you Adventuresome? Our Mixologist can serve up delicious & great fun drinks

Hand-tossed Italian Pizzas made just the way you like it - from crispy thin to stuffed and whatever you like on them, yummy salads & wine (or home-made sangria?);

Tired from your trip or from having a great fun day? No problem! We can even serve you “Room Service” in your own cabin!

The Cowboy Kitchen’s Specialty is Steaks – Juicy and Melt-in-Your Mouth Delicious!
Whatever your our favorite cut, we only serve the best Angus Grass-fed Steaks,
Quail, Prime Chops & Australian Lamb – How about some Wahoo BBQ Brisket ?
And they can be accompanied by your choice of the most delicious sides,
Superb Salads, and deserts to die for!!

Salivating for Seafood? Lobster, Shrimp, Ahi Tuna, Scallops, Salmon…
Blackened, Louisiana style, creamy pesto, Veracruz-style, a scrumptious Ceviche…
Or maybe in a rich French Bouillabaisse or Italian Cioppino broth?;
Whichever you choose, be assured it will be the best money can buy
- never farm-raised, only wild-caught from around the world!


Made to order just for you and your family, closest friends or special event: –
Been around since the Middle Ages, the buffet-dining concept has stood the test of time and continues to be a popular choice for many restaurant customers. By definition, in a buffet guests serve themselves – however we attend every minute, assuring everything is fresh, temperatures are perfect, and taste great, choose from a variety of dishes, such as;

“Gourmet Mexican buffet” or choose one of our specialties (ask) with tortillas hot off the grill, variety of yummy salsas, quesadillas (substitutions for non-dairy diners) and awesome Guacamole;

Fabulous pastas and real Italian fare such as home-baked Raviolis, Fettuccini, Pollo Picatta (can be chicken, veal or vegetarian), Lasagna, etc. - The Chefs lived for years in Italy so this is “The Real McCoy”

Make Your Reservation To Wake Up To Wonderful Breakfasts,

Start with your choice of organic, wonderfully aromatic coffees or teas with local honey, fresh cream, agave nectar, etc.,

A big glass of your favorite icy-cold juice… Ever tried Passion Fruit or Guanabana juice? Let us know if you want to be adventuresome in your juices – it’s fun!

Then a beautiful bowl of seasonal/exotic organic fruit topped with home-made Romanoff Sauce (be sure to ask for the story behind it),

Today’s eggs (just taken from our fat happy free-range chickens) – made however you like – Omelets? OMG! Guaranteed to please

Client Feedbacks

Image Not Found Mike

We had an enjoyable stay with Vicky 7 Mickey. It was nice waking up and petting all the horses, donkeys, goats, etc... The pups were friendly too. Be sure to ask about them cooking dinner - We had a 5-STar Meal served outside under the stars. It was one of the best meals we have ever had.  Mike at The Wildflowers Cabin

Published July 3, 2019

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