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Fire Pit Yummies

Enjoy building a lovely bonfire in our stone fire pit then cooking Hill Country Yummies. We can provide everything you need for S’mores, Weenie Roasts, BBQs etc.
Avg. price:  Ask for quote – varies depending on services required - or bring your own and use it for free.

Volleyball And/or Badminton

Price:  Free: just sign out your racquets and/or balls just check out the games

Table Games

Good fun after a long day of exploring. Available for children and adult games as well
Price:  Free: Just check out the games


Organized Team Building / Family Dynamics

w/Activities Director
Price:  Ask for quote – varies depending on services required


Family Physical Activity “Games”

Fun physical activities for adults, kids or families: Ages 2 to 99
Price:  Ask for quote – varies depending on services required

Cooking Classes With High-end Chefs

Have fun learning to make your favorite dishes like a Pro! – Then enjoy eating them with wonderful wines – For all ages
Having fun and simply enjoying a new experience are all great reasons to enroll in a cooking class. Whether you sign up as a couple, with your best friend or for a mother-daughter experience, you're sure to have a few laughs. An exotic cooking class can get your feet wet and see if you enjoy a special type of cooking without breaking the bank.

You can watch all the cooking TV shows you want, but nothing gives you the hands-on experience of being in a real live class with a real live chef. You can learn so much better from an instructor who does things in real time without "the magic of TV" speeding up all the steps.

Whatever your motivation for wanting to take a class, you're sure to have good food, dinning on fine china, with wonderful wines in the woods and great fun!

Chef Vicky brings the pizzazz of “Le Cordon Bleu” which is the world renowned educational institutions dedicated to providing the highest level of culinary and hospitality instruction through world class programs, plus “lived there-done that- got the t-shirt” for high cuisine of Mexico, Italy France and Spain, plus “US Grassroots Home Cookin”. She not only can teach or prepare for you the best international fine dining, Seafood & Steakhouse fare plus the greatest champagne brunches with from scratch Viennese cinnamon rolls; her passion is Wellness through eating, and can customize the classes to embrace special dietary requests such as Vegetarian, Paleo, Diabetic, etc. (See “Healthy Gourmet Meals Cooking Classes” in the Wellness Camp section)

Chef Kirsten began with the best training in international cuisine at Culinary Institute of America, where he found great pleasure in making dishes a cut above the rest, specializing in Spanish and Italian cuisine, and a real flare for tapas!  His talents in the Spanish and Italian realms further grew as a founding Chef of famed chain of restaurants, “Macaroni Grill”, and as owner of his own Spanish Tapas restaurant.
But despite all the success in international cuisine, what he likes best is being the Texas Hill Country Boy whose family goes back to the Hill Country founders – And that legacy pays off with his award-winning Hill Country BBQ and Borracho Beans to die for! Want easy inexpensive and yummy breakfast? Book some breakfast tacos – they are the real McCoy. Take a class with him and your taste buds will be pleasantly surprised!
Together, they offer all sorts of culinary adventures and delights including corporate team buildings, cooking clubs, birthday parties and other fun events as well as cooking classes and pick-up prepped and pre-planned meals.

Price:  Ask for quote – varies depending on services required

Horseshoe Throws, Football Or Soccer Ball

Horseshoes – what sport could be better for the young, the old, and everyone in between? If your family is competitive, or looking for something with a bit of oddity and nostalgia all rolled into one, the game of horseshoes is the ticket. This game has been enjoyed for centuries, as the beauty of pitching horseshoes is that it is simple, and can be played by almost everyone. Although a few people take it very seriously, for the most part it is an enjoyable backyard pastime during which you can carry on a conversation and barely break a sweat.
Prefer practicing your throw with a football? In the shade of the old oak trees, it’s a nice way to reconnect with the guys – and gals!
Price:  Free – Just check out the balls, horseshoes, etc.

Video Library And Hundreds Of Books

Enjoy the peace and relaxation reading a great book on your deck or porch, or enjoy a blockbuster movie – Just tell us what you like.
Coupled with free WIFI and free Netflix, HomeAway Ranch provides thousands of free entertainment options.
Price:  Free – Just let us know what you are interested in

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